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Ice Bottle Water Blast Freezer Room

Cold room panel 75mm,100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm
Copressor brand Bitzer ,Copeland
Refrigerant R404a
Door type Hinged door, sliding door
Density 38~42kg/m³
Floor of blast freezer room CFC-Free pu panel and anti-skidding aluminum
Connection of CFC-Free panel Cam lock
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Ice Bottle Water Blast Freezer Room

Blast cold room  is a kind of cold room with lower storage temperature from  -40°C to -10°C,it can quickly frozen water to ice. 

Blast Freezer Room For Ice bottle: Blast cold room general -30 degrees Celsius for quick-frozen bottle ice water ,need large cooling capacity, we choose Bitzer two stage compressor.


Blast Freezer Room For Ice bottle Panel Material : Cold room wall ,floor and roof panel is CFC-Free Pu panel , it is closed cell rate is over 90%, R-Value 40±2kg/m3 ,B2 fireproofing grade (it is hydrophobic materials, it won't absorb moisture and increase the thermal conductivity, the wall will not seepage). When the external ambient temperature is high, our cold room CFC-Free pu panel can effectively keep the cooling does not leak, So as to achieve energy saving, insulation effect. In addition , our panel is cam lock connection, easy installation, Even when there is no experience in the installation of people, you can quickly learn.

Blast Freezer Room For Ice bottle Refrigeration Equipment: According to the actual situation to choose the most cost-effective solution for customer. Bitzer two stage compressor suitable for ultra-low temperature frozen, and compared to other brand compressor: the same power large amount of cold, fast cooling.

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