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Combination Cold Room For Foods

Cold Room Panel Thickness 50mm,75mm, 100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm
Thickness Of Color Steel 0.426mm,0.5mm
Cold Room Door Hinged Door,Sliding Door,Swing Door
Compressor For Condensing Unit Copeland,Bitzer,Tecumseh,Hanbell,Danfoss
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Combination Cold Room For Foods


1.Combination Cold Room Applications:

A : When space is at a premium, and you require two different temperature modular rooms, then OnlyKem have the answer with our range of combination cold rooms.

B : When you want to store two or three types of food,such as fruits or vegetables with meat or fish.

2.Cold Room User:

Restaurant,hotel,poultry farms,meat distributors etc.

3. Standard Cold Room Models:

Items Capacity for meat/fish Capacity for vegetable/fruit Size (m) Door size
OKML1A 10 tons 7 tons 4*5*2.5m
0.8*1.8m hinged door
OKML2B 30 tons 20 tons
5*10*3m 1.5*2.0m sliding door
OKML3C 50 tons 30 tons 8*10*3m 1.5*2.0m single/double sliding door

Note:Above specifications are the standard models,we also can meet customer's request to be customized.

For example: if the cold room size is very large,we suggest to divide it into several small size cold rooms , and use the V type condensing unit ; if need to run into forklift in cold room,will do something special for floor insulation and enlarge the door size.

PU panel

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