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Refrigeration cold room walk in unit cooler

Fan type Axial fan
fin space 4.5mm
case material steel with powder painting
defrosting electrical heater
Refrigerant R404a
color white
fin material aluminum foil
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Refrigeration Cold Room Walk In Unit Cooler

Walk in unit cooler refrigeration unit general features:

1. Capacity design are suitable to the most popular compressor sizes in this range.

2. The high efficient unit coolers are made from copper tube diameter 5/8'' with 0.4mm tube thickness and hydrophilic aluminum fins.

3. Coil block made from robust fins to withstand the cleaning processes.
4. 100% leakage tested over 25 bars.

5. All connection pipe we use elbow bends to make sure no any leak.

Unit Cooler/ walk in cooler refrigeration unit application and installation photos


Evaporator design comparation between ONLYKEM and other supplier, you can find OnlyKem advantage easily.


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