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Unit Cooler Of Cold Room

Type Evaporator
Unit Cooler Fan Axial Fan
Unit Cooler Box Galvanized steel
Unit Cooler Fan Dimension4.5mm,6mm,9mm,12mm
Unit Cooler Defrost Electrical Heater
Brand Name OnlyKem
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Unit Cooler Of Cold Room

Unit Cooler is commonly used for optimal distribution of cooled air in refrigerated cold rooms or freezer rooms, it is one of the important component of in the cold storage system.

1. Unit Cooler Of Cold Room: Blue fines/ Hydrophilic aluminum foil ,our unit cooler have good anti-corrosion performance.


2.Unit Cooler Of Cold Room Installation :

① Unit cooler far from cold storage wall panel at least 300MM , which is conducive to cold storage within the air circulation and facilitate future maintenance.

Unit cooler need connection with U-type oil bend, easy to return to cold storage tank refrigerant.

Unit cooler need connection with U-shaped liquid seal, to avoid the air circulation inside and outside the library.


3. .Unit Cooler Of Cold Room Advance:

①With defrost protection, high safety factor

②Internal thread copper tube, high heat transfer efficiency

③ Independent duct design,it can reduce the interference between the fans

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